Lamb Chops with Sumac

March 24, 2017

  Should your fingers do this–that is, roll inward and sometimes lock–you’ll be forced to stop whatever you’re doing, put down/let go of whatever you might be holding, and unlock the offending finger(s) with your free hand. As you might imagine, this isn’t always a realistic proposition. One cannot stop whatever…

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Wait a minute! Weren’t we here already? Indeed we were, just about a year ago to the day. But the recipes are different–Lamb Tagine With Preserved Lemon hails from Claudia Roden’s marvelous Book Of Middle Eastern Food. Today’s tagine comes from another seminal cookbook, Paula Wolfert’s Couscous And Other Good Food From Morocco. Fifty…

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Spicy Lamb Burgers

July 5, 2016

Saturday night, in a surpassing gesture toward adulthood, I decided to update my operating system. You know, install all those niggling updates it’s constantly pestering me about: tightening up the operating system….honing safety and security….something about email…plus improving all those programs I’ve never opened, like GarageBand. I set the update…

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Lamb Chops With Lemon Potatoes

February 19, 2016

When I made this dish for supper last week, I had no plans of blogging it. But it was so good those plans quickly changed. When you have a food blog, meals fall into categories: destined to be discussed, never-ever, murky maybe. Then there’s a whole category entitled: this is…

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WordPress bloggers have the instantaneous ability to check reader stats just by logging in.The first page we see on the “back end”–the dashboard–is a graph of blue bars whose relative heights indicate how many people hang around on a given day. So far I’ve managed to avoid constant checking, a behavior…

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