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Three-Cup Chicken

December 10, 2016

A few weeks ago the IK attended a literary event sponsored by the San Francisco Chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier. There numerous Bay Area authors–and a few non-Bay Area folk–gathered to meet, greet, and share nibbles the authors had prepared from their cookbooks, conveniently for sale on nearby tables. Said event…

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Some time ago Shauna James Ahern wrote a long post about negative commenters, including some of the most vicious and/or irrational remarks she’d received. These were startling in their ugliness. Yet the piece was remarkably level-headed, even kind. Ahern wasn’t seeking revenge or attempting to expose certain commenters. She wanted to shine…

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Plum Liqueur

June 7, 2016

So, plum liqueur. I know, we just made cherry bounce. Why more booze? What gives? Do we have a problem? Well, yes. We have many problems. Who doesn’t? But this is a food blog, and we’re discussing the steeping of fruits in alcohol, not our various woes. Why so many?…

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