FYI:  Cuisinart is recalling millions of faulty blades for their food processors. If your machine has a riveted blade, please check the link below, as it can break into your food while processing. I don’t need to tell you how dangerous this is. Cuisinart will replace your blade. Please check here. …

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The IK is a many-imperfectioned blog. We will never offer fancy desserts, elegant photos of the artfully-arranged dishtowel variety, or get our act together in time to offer holiday-themed recipes. We’re just not that kind of site. Nor are we mad keen on posting photographs of ourselves. We realize how…

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Hazelnut Cakes

September 27, 2016

I write the day after the first 2016 Presidential Debate. And I am at a loss. Once upon a time, in the dark mists of the 1970’s, the Republican Party was sane. You could hold friendly discussions with its members. These discussions could even cover politics. Ideological disagreements did not…

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Black Bread

February 7, 2016

So lovely to be back. Thank you for your support, and for being here. For the moment, I am happily puttering in the kitchen. — Apart from potable drinking water, the Detroit of my childhood featured marvelous Jewish bakeries where fresh challah, pumperknickel, and rye breads were a given.These bakeries were staffed…

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Yogurt Flatbread

January 19, 2016

Back in November, before seeing Nigella Lawson at San Francisco’s Omnivore Books, I ate dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant. The server asked if I wanted rice with my meal. Yes, I did. Astonished, he repeated the question. Yes, I repeated, I’d like rice with my meal. The entree arrived…

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(No Words) Pumpkin Scones

November 15, 2015

I spent the afternoon of Friday, November 13th nattering on about Pumpkin Scones. By 3:30 I’d polished a snappy lead-in.The recipe was set to go. There were lots of pretty photos. For once, I was ahead of schedule. Hoping to resolve my lingering confusion over linking, I opened a new window and typed…

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Cheese Biscuits

September 29, 2015

Laurie Colwin calls biscuits “the utility infielder of the culinary world.”  As nobody knows less about sports than I do, I take this to mean their virtues are many: taste, simplicity, ease of preparation.  You need neither specialty equipment nor fancy ingredients to bake these.  You can make them savory, as…

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Sourdough Scones

August 28, 2015

The IK not a news site. Nor am I a pundit. That said, blithely nattering on about sourdough scones after a week like the one we’re concluding feels heartless indeed. So, let us acknowledge what a hell of a week we’ve had, as a world, as a nation, as individuals. In…

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Middle Eastern Yogurt Bread

August 10, 2015

  Commercial bread is so good here in the Bay Area that nobody needs to bake their own. But after picking up Diana Henry’s A Change Of Appetite, I all but ran into the kitchen. The Irish born Henry lives and works in London, where she’s well-known.  According to her website, before…

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Welcome to The Insufficient Kitchen. All blogs must begin somewhere. This one begins with muffins. I bake a lot of them. For years I struggled to find a breakfast my husband would tolerate. John is not a breakfaster. More accurately, he finds any food before 11a.m. unbearable. I wasn’t pleased…

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