English Food

Candied Citrus Peel

January 15, 2018

Some people excel at marketing themselves. They read self-help manuals filled with buzzwords; they engage in tactical online behaviors; they practice affirmations before mirrors. Me, I’m terrible at all that. This is a long-winded way of saying I keep forgetting to tell you my photography is now available at Shutterstock.com.  You…

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Chocolate Gingerbread

December 7, 2017

This being the holiday season, my non-Jewish spouse asked if I might bake him some Christmas cookies. Jews don’t inherit boxes of Christmassy cookie cutters from elderly relatives. This meant I had to shop for some. (The cutters, not the elderly relatives.) My tribe, we’re good at shopping. In short…

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Cardamom Hazelnut Cakes

March 28, 2017

  The quest to make breakfast appealing for John, no kind of morning person, continues. Expecting non-breakfasters to become lovers of the full English is unrealistic at best. Kind of like expecting people to voluntarily surrender their health care. The trick to an appealing John breakfast is simple, portable food: a muffin,…

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If you want a recipe to fail, choose one you’ve been meaning to cook for at least a decade. Decide to cook it on a day when you aren’t home alone. A day when you must shop for ingredients before cooking. See chaos ensue. Of course you’ve chosen a recipe necessitating many…

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Chicken Tikka Masala

January 1, 2017

We’ve been lagging in the post department round here. Sorry about that. The holidays, the news, all the usual reasons a blog goes dark. Never mind. It’s 2017. We’re back, bearing news of Chicken Tikka Masala. (A fair copy of a shot the IK took with her cell phone. This…

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Some time ago Shauna James Ahern wrote a long post about negative commenters, including some of the most vicious and/or irrational remarks she’d received. These were startling in their ugliness. Yet the piece was remarkably level-headed, even kind. Ahern wasn’t seeking revenge or attempting to expose certain commenters. She wanted to shine…

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Friday Food Quote(s)

July 8, 2016

Nigel Slater on radishes, in Tender, Volume I: Ignore any suggestion of cooking them; the writer is clearly deluded. Then again… I came across a recipe for roasted radishes on the kitchn.com and was immediately prompted to make my own version….oh, their pink-cheeked prettiness! I make them nearly every time…

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Plum Liqueur

June 7, 2016

So, plum liqueur. I know, we just made cherry bounce. Why more booze? What gives? Do we have a problem? Well, yes. We have many problems. Who doesn’t? But this is a food blog, and we’re discussing the steeping of fruits in alcohol, not our various woes. Why so many?…

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Tea-Smoked Salmon

May 5, 2016

Cookbooks are full of suggestions for the smokerless (nonsmokers?). These range from relatively low-tech tinfoil and rice setups to some outright alarming suggestions. I have a book whose directions for a home-built smoker include words like “hinges,” “flexible aluminium tubing,” and “battens.”  When you’re to a word like “battens,” I…

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Before discussing today’s recipe, it is only fair to touch on the last post, wherein I ranted and raved about my failed attempt to enroll in an identity theft protection program. This was occasioned by the hacking of my former employer’s antiquated computer system. Alas, attempts to protect my identity…

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